SA TROTS - Vale Joe Carbone

HARNESS racing, and indeed the world, is all the poorer following the death of a “beautiful man”.

A highly-successful horseman, and all round nice guy, Joe Carbone passed away on Friday night following a several week stint in hospital.

Producing the same qualities during his last battle as his strong team of horses did on the track, Carbone died from complications arising from a heart condition.

Earlier this month Carbone suffered cardiac issues, with emergency responders producing a miracle to save his life.

Sadly, the incident took its toll on the 66-year-old, who never recovered.

“He has been in hospital for a few weeks after his heart stopped,” close friend Tony Lacastro said. “They thought it was a cardiac arrest as his heart stopped, but results suggested it wasn’t.

“Paramedics worked on him for 45 minutes and brought him back but he had been in hospital since.

“Joe was a beautiful man who in his own unique way was infectious…I thought the world of him.”

Training in partnership with Peter Sergi, Carbone dominated South Australian racing – particularly at the state’s headquarters, Globe Derby – during the early part of the 2000s.

The duo captured numerous premierships while etching their names on several major honours rolls .

Despite preparing their share of top performers, Carbone always rated Conte De Cristo as the best he has trained.

Imported from New Zealand in 2005, Conte De Cristo quickly established himself as South Australia’s leading pacer, winning seven of his first nine starts in his new home state.

Conte De Cristo’s haul includes eight Cups and the Popular Alm Sprint in Victoria.

Carbone also savoured the sweet taste of Group One glory as an owner when Rainbow Knight captured the 1996 Australian Pacing Championship at Albion Park.

In recent years, Carbone continued to enjoy a high rate of success as an owner through the deeds of handy types such as Major Lincoln, The Raconteur, Bettor Vision, Our Memphis, Ebonyrose and Its Mesmerise.

Carbone is survived by his three sons, Frank, Joey and Rocky and his grandchildren.

 Story: HRSA Media

Photo: Cavallaro Racing Team