SA TROTS - The Justice crew joins SA Pony Trots

ONCE the most feared name at Globe Derby, Justice rarely makes an appearance at the venue after most of the clan moved to Victoria more than two decades ago.

During the late 1980s and ’90s, however, Justice – led by Lance – dominated the training and driving ranks.

In fact, between 1987 and ’98, Lance won 10 of the 11 drivers’ titles, including eight in succession.

Lance’s brother, John, captured the other in 1990.

It was a similar scenario among the trainers’ premierships – metropolitan and statewide – with Lance leading the way.

Fast forward to tomorrow night’s Globe Derby meeting and two members of the newest generation of Justices will attempt to register their maiden wins at headquarters.

Twins Nate and Shylee are poised to make their debuts in the first of three Pony Trots on the cart.

Nate will drive Axel Rose, while Shylee will take the reins behind Henry.

By Robert from Rebecca, the nine-year-olds are Lance’s grandchildren.

“Both have wanted to be involved with the ponies from the time they could talk,” Lance said. “They live for horses, so that part of the family gene has been passed down.

“I can’t exactly barrack for one, so I’ll be hoping for a dead-heat!”


Story: HRSA Media