SA TROTS - Media Release - Reign Shadow


HRSA Stewards have concluded their inquiries into the circumstances a post-race sample taken from REIGN SHADOW after winning at Globe Derby Park on Monday 16 January 2023 was found to contain Diclofenac, a prohibited substance.

Stewards issued a charge against Trainer A Cronin under Rules HR 190 (1), (2) and (4) in that; being a trainer licensed by HRSA and, at relevant times, the Trainer of the registered horse REIGN SHADOW, he did present that horse to contest Race 2 at Globe Derby Park on Monday 16 January 2023 when not free of a prohibited substance.

The particulars being;

(i)         At all relevant times Mr Cronin was a Trainer licensed by HRSA and therefore bound by the Australian Harness Racing Rules.

(ii)        At all relevant times Mr Cronin was the Trainer of the registered horse REIGN SHADOW.

(iii)       On Monday 16 January 2023 he did present the registered horse REIGN SHADOW to contest Race 2 at the Globe Derby Park race meeting.

(iv)       A post-race (urine) sample collected from REIGN SHADOW upon analysis had reported detection of the substance Diclofenac, topical, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory cream, prohibited by HR 188A (1)(b).

(v)        The presence of Diclofenac at was reported by two laboratories approved by HRSA.


Mr Cronin pleaded guilty to the charge, having explained that he had applied the product Voltaren (of which Diclofenac is the active ingredient) to the horses near fore fetlock on the Friday prior to racing as a legitimate medication on the premise he was compliant with the Rules and was well outside the usual detection period.  The Trainer acknowledged he had not considered or sought advice regarding the substance, the dosage or the withdrawal period.

Having considered the evidence and the Trainer’s submission on penalty as well as the particular circumstances of the treatment, Stewards announced a fine of $ 2500. 

In recognition of the Trainer’s forthright evidence, and his cooperation with their inquiries Stewards ordered that $ 750 be suspended for a period of twelve months on the proviso that the Trainer not reoffend the Prohibited Substance Rules within a period of twelve months.

In determining penalty Stewards acknowledged;

  • Mr Cronin’s 40-year participation in the harness racing industry;
  • This was the Trainers good overall record and that this was the first offence of this nature;
  • Mr Cronin’s genuine remorse;
  • Mr Cronin’s forthright approach and cooperation with the inquiries;
  • His plea of guilt at the earliest opportunity; and
  • His particular circumstances and certain subjectives.

Whilst Stewards consider a need for specific deterrence was not present, they considered that the penalty was appropriate as a general deterrent and as a protective measure to denounce the offending and signal redress to the industry and to wagering customer.

Mr Cronin was advised of his right to appeal the decision.



In accord with Rule HR 195. Stewards ordered the horse REIGN SHADOW be disqualified from Race 2 – Bianco Reinforcing Pace at Globe Derby Park on Monday 16 January 2023.

The amended placings are –

First –               6 – SHEZA MANIPULATOR NZ

Second –         5 – KEILAH NZ

Third –             2 – ELEGANT EYRE

Fourth –           4 – MAMMA KASS


In accord with Rule HR 200.(1) Stewards order the prizemoney won by REIGN SHADOW in the subject race be repaid to HRSA.




Under instruction from the Board of HRSA, Stewards acting under Rules 310 (1) and (2) order that fees of $ 250 be recovered in regard to the issue of part-recovery of costs incurred in the production of the Certificates of Analysis by RASL and ARFL.


GM Loch

Stewards HRSA

 23 March 2023