Prizemoney Increases for South Australia

HRSA is pleased to announce a prizemoney increase along with a change to its ratings exempt threshold, to commence from October 1.
All Monday (and equivalent) meetings held at Globe Derby will conduct two races of $4,000 in value, in addition to the minimum race value being raised from $2,000 to $3,000. These changes will see a 12.5% increase of prizemoney for those meetings.

Furthermore, the threshold of rating exempt races in South Australia will lift from $2,000 to $3,000 meaning that a number of races conducted at these meetings will now be rating exempt. The majority of these $3,000 races will be lifetime wins or juvenile races, to allow younger horses to progress through the ranks early in their racing careers with less exposure to seasoned opposition. The majority of the $4,000 races will be ratings-based and ‘nil wins over $3,000’ races, which will provide horses competing in these categories an increased earning capacity, thereby benefiting all pools of horses participating at these meetings.

These changes also provide an opportunity for regional clubs that race regularly, being Mount Gambier and Port Pirie. Whilst no increase has been made to their overall meeting budgets at this point, a hybrid prizemoney model of $3,000 and $4,500 races will be introduced that can allow them to offer a rating exempt component (3k) and an interstate comparison component (4.5k) to their programs.

Harness Racing SA CEO Dean Elliott is optimistic about these announcements, “there is currently a strong focus from the Board and my office to deliver sustainable prizemoney increases to the industry, within a system that promotes optimal pathways for horses to firstly develop, and then continue their craft in SA.” He goes on to emphasise “whilst it is satisfying to deliver these announcements, there is a way to go here, and it’s the desire of HRSA to gradually improve outcomes across all areas including Saturday prizemoney, feature racing budgets, regional prizemoney, and drivers’ fees. Putting measures in place that can lead to an increase in horse population and participants locally are paramount. This is a small step in the right direction.”

This shift in the rating exempt threshold and the outcomes it delivers will be monitored closely with ongoing analysis on results, wagering, progression through ranks, etc. to ensure the integrity and balance of racing in South Australia. The adjusted prizemoney and points system will look as follows as of October 1:

$4,000 / $3,000 Hybrid

$4,500 / $3,000 Hybrid

$6,999 / $4,500 (+ Feature Racing)