SA TROTS - MEDIA RELEASE - Driving Harness Racing Towards A Brighter Future in South Australia

Harness Racing South Australia (HRSA) and South Australian Harness Racing Club (SAHRC) have secured a landmark deal, solidifying the future of harness racing in the state.

Last Friday a Race Day Agreement was signed by both parties that will see a commitment between HRSA and the premier club, SAHRC at Globe Derby, for the next five years, providing stability and confidence for the industry and stakeholders. The agreement is symbolic of the unity that a new-look HRSA board and the SAHRC committee have created in recent months, and in turn has provided the industry with a renewed sense of optimism.

HRSA Chair Emma Grigson has been pivotal in this process since transitioning from board member to Chair in mid-2021 and says “HRSA believe the signing of this Race Day Agreement, which has taken many months of hard work and negotiations, is a significant first step of putting action to words; demonstrating that we are eager to put the past behind us and move forwards to a better and brighter future as an industry united.”

SAHRC President Anne Mowday has also played a crucial role leading her committee into this new era, and states “The Race Day Agreement secures harness racing at Globe Derby Park for the next five years. The Agreement was achieved through a collaboration between SAHRC and HRSA over a number of months and confirms the close relationship established between the two bodies over this time.”

Acting CEO of HRSA Dean Elliott commenced his tenure in November last year and has been suitably impressed with the cohesion showed by all involved. He notes “This is the moment that will lay a foundation to a brighter future in South Australian harness racing. I would like to thank and congratulate not only Anne and Emma, but everyone at the SAHRC and HRSA who played a role in the process. A harmonious relationship and united front will benefit our passionate group of participants, who have remained staunch supporters to the sport and industry they love.”

The Race Day Agreement coincides with a new-look $250,000 SA Cup Series that is currently underway and moving through regional centres, showcasing harness racing across the state. SA Cup Finals Night will be held on Saturday April 30 at Globe Derby.