SA TROTS Media Release Battle Of The Best Points System With A Twist

HRSA wish to advise an innovative points system for the upcoming Battle of the Best at Globe Derby on Saturday January 28.
Taking a guide from the Australian Drivers Championship structure, points will be allocated per race on the following basis:
1st place -17
2nd place – 12
3rd place – 9
4th place – 7
5th place – 6
6th place – 5
7th place – 4
8th place – 3
9th place – 2
10th place – 1

*Scratchings will automatically receive fifth place points (6). And odd number of runners in a field will incur fifth place points (6) to the minority team.

In addition to the above, each driver will be able to nominate one drive at the meeting as their OVERDRIVE selection, to earn double points.
This will create an opportunity to add more interest around the event and provide a platform for social media content through race callers Tim Edwards, Lachlan Stace, and the HRSA media room. HRSA CEO Dean Elliott explains further “allowing drivers to nominate their Overdrive selection should spark some great interest, and therefore wagering for the event. Being innovative in the wagering space is a concept HRSA is determined to evolve. Recent data from a leading corporate bookmaker indicates that over the past six months Harness Racing in South Australia is growing its turnover at a better rate than all other states (when combined) as well as the other two other racing codes. We need to capitalise on these green shoots.”

The teams for the Battle of the Best Drivers Invitational are listed below:
Team Pink Dani Hill, Gaita Pullicino, Samantha Pascoe, Tiana McMahon, Lisa Ryan (reserve: Leah Holman)
Team Blue Ryan Hryhorec, Wayne Hill, Michael Smith, Corey Johnson, Dean Girardi (reserve: David Smith)

With a public holiday Thursday January 26 leading into this event, final fields will be released on Tuesday January 24, which will then allow fields for the following Monday at Globe Derby and Tuesday at Port Pirie to be released on Wednesday January 25. Please make yourself aware of nomination closing times for all meetings.
Drivers are requested to nominate their Overdrive selection by 5pm Wednesday January 25.