SA Trots - Massive achievement by Darren Billinger

HOPEFUL of reaching a personal milestone before he heads for a long spell, Darren Billinger achieved his goal on Monday.

Heading to Globe Derby requiring a win, the well-seasoned horseman had to wait until the final event on the card to score with Twin Connection.

As such, Billinger took his driving tally to 900 wins.

Billinger’s latest highlight came 43 years after his initial success, which was behind Jaybee Queen in Kadina on February 22, 1980.

“Julie and I are taking a few months off and I knew I was 899 wins, so I was hoping to get to 900 before our break,” Billinger said.

“We’ll be away for three months and next week will go on a cruise around the Baltics for a month.

“When we get home we’ll grab a caravan and make our way to Perth then on to Broome.

“The horses will also have a long spell.”

Although he is thrilled with Twin Connection’s victory over Freedom Writer and Lieutenant Jack, Billinger revealed the occasion also has a sombre moment.

“That will be the last time a horse is trained from my parents’ property,” Billinger said. “My Dad bought the place 45 years ago, so I’ve been doing a bit of reflecting.

“We’ll be moving the stable just down the road to Julie’s Mum’s home, but it will be pretty emotional when I close the doors at this place for the last time.”

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Photo Walter Bulyga