HRSA STEWARDS- Notice to Drivers

Drivers are advised that effective from the race meeting conducted at Globe Derby Park on Saturday 16 April penalties for indiscretions involving interference on the first turn of a race will increase.

Presently, where a driver is found guilty of a charge of under Rules HR 168(1) (careless, reckless, etc), HR 163(1)(a) (causing or contributing to interference) or HR 165(1) (not adequate clearance) the HRSA Penalty Guidelines prescribe a starting point for consideration of penalty (i) where a horse has been checked tightened or jostled of twenty-one (21) days suspension of licence and (ii) where a horse has been checked and galloped of twenty-eight (28) days suspension of licence. The Guidelines state “a premium of up to 21 days may be applied for cases where a driver is found to have displayed a high degree of carelessness or for first turn offences.”
Stewards have not routinely applied this discretion.

Drivers are notified that commencing 16 April 2022, the minimum starting point in the deliberation of penalties for “first turn” interference in which horses are checked and break gait will be forty-two (42) days, or six weeks.

Where horses are interfered with but considered to have been checked without breaking gait, tightened, or jostled, the minimum starting point in the deliberation of penalties will be twenty-eight (28) days, or four weeks.
Stewards will continue to acknowledge pleas and driving records as well as the presence of mitigating or aggravating factors as presently occurs.

The decision to increase penalties has been arrived at after considering recent offences and is intended to enhance the safety of the racetrack for both drivers and the horses and afford all runners an unimpeded run in races.

GM Loch

Acting Chief Steward
April 5th, 2022