SA Trots - HRSA COVID Protocol update

INDUSTRY RELEASE – January 10 2022

HRSA COVID protocol update


The South Australian Government have enacted powers in order to respond to the global COVID pandemic, these powers have included directions regarding isolation, testing, tracing and mandated mask wearing. The purpose of these powers is to keep the South Australian community safe and our medical facilities responsive to the states needs.


Under these powers, HRSA has provided direction regarding mask-wearing, vaccination and testing. This includes the requirement for all to receive their first vaccination by January 24th, 2022 and the formal direction to wear masks at all times whilst within our indoor or close facilities, such as stables. Though most of our community have done the right thing, and we thank them, there are individuals who have failed to comply with these requirements.


HRSA have received complaints regarding the aggressive behaviour of some patrons when being asked to wear a mask in accordance with directions. In this first instance those who fail to comply or become aggressive or disrespectful towards any Club or HRSA staff, will be asked to leave the premises. Additionally, those who fail to comply with a direction, that has been made a requirement during a declared emergency under the Emergency Management Act 2004 (SA), risk a fine or worse.


We remind all of our community that these directions allow our sport to continue throughout the pandemic and are aimed to keep all within our community safe and well.

We ask for all patrons and participants to treat staff with respect and adhere to directions given by those staff whose job it is to keep us all safe.