SA TROTS Guess whose back (and its not Eminem)

SHE’S back!

After unofficially retiring from race driving last year, inspirational horsewoman Dani Hill is poised to make her return this weekend.

Forced onto the sidelines by severe back pain, Hill underwent crucial surgery which required a spacer, screws, rods and bone grafts to her L5 disc.

“I was in so much pain and just couldn’t go on the way I was,” Hill said. “I had the operation last June and it was a pretty big procedure on my back.

“My L5 has a spacer and screws on the front, which they went through my stomach to do and the back side has rods. I also had bone grafts as well.

“The operation has been a tremendous success…I feel like I have better movement now than I did before I even damaged my back.

“With all the race falls and operations I’ve had, it evens out to being more than one surgery a year for the past 14 years!”

Originally planning to ease her way back into the fold, Hill has several drives at Globe Derby on Saturday night.

Hill will kick-start her comeback when she partners Piesridingshotgun in the second event.

One of five Luke O’Neill-trained trotters in the field, Piesridingshotgun has drawn to settle prominently from the pole.

Hill will then take the reins behind Delightful Major in the following race and Lovelorn later on the card.

“I wasn’t expecting to be back so early,” Hill said. “I’ve surprised myself that I’ve done it so soon.

“At this stage I will just have a few drives here and there, but more importantly, I have my own team I’m working up and I was planning to just drive my horses at first, but here I am driving this weekend!

“I remember when I came back after I broke my leg and fast worked one at Globe Derby and was going race speed for the first again and it felt so overwhelming compared to working at home, so I’m expecting that may be the case this time too.

“I’m not sure how to feel, certainly not nervous, but I just don’t know what to expect…for now I’m just glad to be back.”