SA TROTS - Glorious Finale for Barkers favourite trotter

Veteran squaregaiter Glorious Finale had exactly that at Mount Gambier on Sunday.

Now a 14-year-old, Glorious Finale came off 70 metres to score a short half head win in The Tack Room Trotters Handicap (2190m).

Driver Jackie Barker said the gelding gave his all for the win.

“Normally because of his issues he can be a bit rough, but on Sunday, he was that tired he couldn’t even think about galloping,” Barker said.

“I love him, and it was a perfect way to end his time on the track.

“Actually he had an amazing finish to his career.

“When he won at Mount Gambier on May 1 coming off a 50-metre handicap I thought that would be his final win.

“But we came back a fortnight later off 60 (metres) and he won again.

“John Meade, who owned and trained him previously, said to me we had to have another run and try to reach the $100,000 in stakemoney and become the second foal of the dam to achieve that figure.

“So I put him in on Sunday knowing he would be off 70 (metres) and thinking it would be too much to ask.”

Barker said she was hoping he could run a place to secure the $80 needed to reach the $100,000.

“He made up his handicap quickly and then they ran a quick middle section which I think might have taken a bit out of his rivals, and he was able to grab the win.”

Barker said Glorious Finale was a “warrior.”

“I have never had a horse with such a will to win.

“He has a big front knee, issues with his tendons and that is why he can trot roughly. Normally I have to sit quiet to hold him together but on Sunday he was that tired I was able to drive him out.”

Barker said her first association with Glorious Finale was in 2016 when then owner-trainer John Meade asked her to drive him.

“We won a race at Maryborough then John took him to Melton for a restricted trot and he won again.

“It was my first drive at Melton so to win was very special and I consider it a career highlight so for that reason Glorious Finale was an integral part.

“John had him broken to saddle with the idea of putting him in Monte races, but they were stopped, and he never got the chance to race under saddle.

“I took over Glorious Finale in 2018 and he has been a joy to train.

“Now that his racing career is over I will still ride him. He is such a gentleman of a horse, and I also would be happy to rehome him if the right person came along. If not, he will always have a home with me.

“It really was a fairytale ending.”

Story – HRSA Media

Photo: Kloe Phillips