SA Trots - Future proofing Harness Racing in SA

As part of its ongoing commitment to reform and reinvigorate the industry, HRSA recently undertook to review all financial processes. The review focused on future sustainability and financial pathways for the industry in South Australia and encompassed all aspects of the industry operations.
HRSA would like to confirm that the rumoured ‘80/20’ model is not a viable, desirable or sustainable option. Instead, working collaboratively with key stakeholders, the Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) and participant clubs, HRSA announces that there will be a redistribution of prize money across the state to ensure equitable division of winnings, fairer conditions and industry growth. To best provide for the industry moving forward, changes to the prizemoney structure will be introduced with effect from 13 November 2021. The meaningful changes will see the number of $6,999 races conducted on Saturday nights being reduced. Stakemoney for mid-week meetings will remain unchanged.
Additionally, HRSA’s Feature Race Calendar will be amended, with the major change being that the Board has resolved to place qualifying conditions on all major races at the 2022 SA Cup meeting. This being those entrants for the SA Pacing and Trotting Cups and the SA Derby will need to meet residency criteria to be eligible to compete. This change will have the direct effect of putting more money back into the pockets of those contributing to the industry in SA.
All changes implemented will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure continued viability and the meeting of financial targets.
“I applaud all the key leaders in our industry for having the courage to implement changes that will benefit Harness Racing in South Australia”, HRSA Chair Emma Grigson said, “we welcome these changes as an opportunity to reinvigorate participation in our sport, and improve and develop our industry”.
In addition to the redistribution, aimed at feature races and events, HRSA is committed to ensuring the point systems and eligibility criteria are reviewed to deliver maximum benefit and opportunity to our participants and supporters. For further information please contact:
(08) 8285 0700 •