SA TROTS -Bernadette has no regrets following her victory yesterday

ACKNOWLEDGING she “probably should feel guilty”, popular reinswoman Bernadette Page stated she isn’t harbouring any regret from yesterday’s Globe Derby meeting.

With eight races on the card, top horseman Ryan Hryhorec dominated proceedings by driving seven winners.

As such, Hryhorec established a South Australian record for the most victories at a meeting, surpassing Geoff Webster, David Harding and Dani and Wayne Hill, who had registered six wins at a program.

Hryhorec’s previous best was a quintet, which he has notched on seven occasions.

As for her role during the afternoon, Page won the ‘other’ race, and in doing so, relegated Hryhorec to second, costing him a clean sweep.

“I probably should feel guilty, but I don’t,” Page joked. “Ryan gets plenty of winners and he has to share some around.

“It was the first race, so no one knew Ryan would win all the rest.

“I drove My Ultimate Levi to win for Ryan on Saturday night, so that will have to be some kind of back-dated peace offering!”

Continuing her stellar start to the first half of the season, Page was triumphant with The Ladybird, which accounted for No Ultimatums and Ceeubetty.

Rating 1:59.4 over 1800 metres, the daughter of Art Major provided Page with her 24th success for the term.

“I wasn’t overly confident with her as we weren’t sure if she could come out early and finish off strongly as she had never been used like that, but she was really good,” Page said.

“I’ve had a strong five months this season, but it helps driving some better stock.

“I was happy with 21 wins last year and my original goal was to do better this year, so getting 24 wins already is a pretty awesome start to the season.

“Getting to 50 by the end of the year is a nice goal to aim for now and I’ll be thrilled if I can reach that.”

Story – HRSA Media

Photos – Walter Bulyga