Driver Change Tonight

I’VE probably been watching too much Cobra Kai this afternoon, but it’s difficult not to think fate has restored balance ahead of tonight’s Globe Derby meeting.

In a “wax on, wax off” scenario, Dani Hill is back in the fold to contest the Australian Drivers’ Championship.

Originally selected to represent South Australia, Hill withdrew from the series to undergo surgery for pain associated with a race fall.

Due to paperwork issues, Hill’s operation was cancelled leaving the inspirational reinswoman to watch the tournament from the sidelines as Ryan Hryhorec took her position.

But it appears fate had other ideas!

As a result of Rohan Hillier’s flight from Tasmania being cancelled, he can no longer compete in the series, leaving the door open for a replacement.

Under the ADC rules, a late scratching must be replaced by local driver, with Hill given the call-up.

“Unfortunately Rohan’s flight was cancelled, so he can’t make it to South Australia,” HRSA chief executive Dean Elliott said.

“The Championship guidelines state a local driver must fill the hole if there is a scratching, so we have asked Dani to step in.

“Although Dani has taken a Tasmanian position if you will, she is essentially representing South Australia.”

Adding further drama to the evening, three other drivers – Victorian pair Kate Gath and James Herbertson, along with Tasmanian Conor Crook – have had their flights postponed twice, but are finally on their way to Adelaide.

Elliott was on his way to collect the trio from the airport as this article was published.

To accommodate for the delay all races have been pushed back a timeslot.