Corey Johnson was the odd man out on Saturday night

TALENTED young reinsman Corey Johnson was the odd man out at Globe Derby during the weekend.

With a pair of South Australia’s prominent reinswomen leading the way, Johnson was the only ‘bloke’ to make his way into the winners’ circle on Saturday night – but he did it with style.

Eight races were conducted throughout the evening, with Johnson heading home with a treble.

It’s not the first time Johnson has spoiled the party for the ‘girls’.

Earlier this year he was the only male to win at Globe Derby as Leah Holman, Gaita Pullicino, Tiana McMahon and Dani Hill dominated the program.

McMahon and Hill were among the winners once again this time, with the latter registering a quartet.

“Geez, when you put it that way you make me feel bad,” Johnson said. “If anything, I’m lucky to beat the women.

“We don’t have the big races and the opportunities here as they do in say Victoria and New South Wales, but the horsewomen in South Australia are second to none.

“They all deserve more credit than they are given.”

As for his winners, Johnson scored with Jakes Sportwriter, Amore Rock and Lou Lou Quick – Hill and McMahon filled the placings behind the latter!

“I felt like I had a fairly good book of drives and it was great for it to panned out the way it did,” Johnson said.


photo credit – Walter Bulyga