HRSA STEWARDS - SA Stewards Room 19th April 2022

Please see below recent penalties from the last fortnights racing in SA.

Friday 8 April


R3 – K Hryhorec (WEMEN BELLA) Rule 163(1)(c)(ii) – contacted marker pegs.                                                                                                                        R6 – J Finnis (TRUE BLUE ROSE) Rule 163(1)(c)(ii) contacted marker pegs                                                                                                                            R7 – M Horsnell (SMILE WITH A GRIN) Rule 162(1)(ww) shifting ground


R2 – D Smith (MELODY MAY) Rule 162(1)(ww) allowing  horse to shift out in final straight – $100

Saturday 9 April
R2 – MA Smith (PAY ME INTEREST NZ) Rule 162(1)(c) – Remonstrating on track
R2 – C Johnson (HESEVERSOCLEVER) Rule 162(1)(c) – Remonstrating on track
R6 – W Hill (MAHARAJAH) – Rule 161(1)(j) – Failing to maintain its position on gate.
R6 – S Adams (ASSASSINATOR) – Rule 163(1)(c)(ii) – Contacted marker pegs.
R7 – M Borg (GHENT) – Rule 162(1)(www)(b) – Shifting ground and hindering FAIRYTALE HALL.
R2 – MA Smith (PAY ME INTEREST NZ) – Fined $200 Rule 162(1)(www)(a) – Shifting ground when impeding another runner.
General – Sat 26th March – R3 – G Pullicino – Fined $400 Rule 162(1)(c) – Talking. (see full report here)

Monday April 11

R3 – G Pullicino (TWOBOBJACK) – Rule162(1)(i) – Not in position at candy pole.
R6 K Hryhorec (OVERPOWERING) – Rule162(1)(ww) – Shifting ground.
R5 – N Tardio (FINAL ROUND) – Fined $100 Rule 168(1)(a) – Careless (contacted sulky wheel).
R6 – D Hill (SECRET JACK) – Fined $100 Rule 162(1)(z) – Failing to drive to the finish of the race.
Stand down/trials
R3 – WHITE STAR STEPHIE – Stood down Vet Certificate.


M Sugars – Assault on Dean Girardi post-race (R6 28 March 2022) – Disqualified 6 months.

D Girardi – R6 28 March 2022 – Suspended 21 days – Causing interference (First turn) – Pleaded guilty – Lodged then withdrew Appeal.

F Pullicino – MUSCLETONIAN – Subject to HRSA Elevated TCO2 Policy – Horse to be presented 4 hours prior to scheduled start time for the next four race starts (First start last Monday).

G Pullicino – Refer R3 26 March 2022 – Stewards concluded to not take action re tactics. (see report in General)

G Pullicino – Fined $400 – Talking during the race.

W Hill –R2 4 April 2022 – Fined $200 – Rule 163(1)(a) – Careless

For full reports on decisions/outcomes please see Stewards Reports on the website.

G Loch

Acting Chair of Stewards