HRSA STEWARDS - SA Stewards Room 6th May 2022


Please see below recent penalties from the last weeks racing in SA.

For full reports on decisions/outcomes please see Stewards Reports on the website.

Friday April 29


R1 – L Holman – Rule 170(1) – Dropped Foot

R4 – MA Smith – Rule 163(1)(c)(ii) – Contact marker peg

R5 – L Holman – Rule 162(1)(u) – Slacken Speed



R1 – L Holman – Rule 162(1)(y) – slow sectional – fined $100

R2 – C Johnson – Rule 154(4)(a) – continuous whip – fined $100

R4 – D Hill – Rule 162(1)(y) – slow sectional – fined $100


Saturday April 30


R3 – W Hill – Rule 168(1)(a) – Careless

R8 – C Johnson – Rule 162(1)(z)  – Failed to drive to the finish


R3 – B Preston (MIRACLE RISING NZ) – Rule 163(1)(a)(iii) – causing interference 21 days



R3 – 2022 TAB SA TROTTERS CUP – 2645SS

In accord with the Rule 196B(1) on Thursday morning R Hryhorec the Trainer of ALDEBARAN ALISSA NZ sought the permission of Stewards to take a pre-race blood test for pathology purposes having concern that mare was exhibiting symptoms of tying-up.  Permission was granted on the basis that the Trainer’s Veterinary Surgeon undertook prescribed provisions including that a copy of the results of the pathology were provided to Stewards.  The conditions were adhered to and subsequently the Trainer’s concerns were confirmed and ALDEBARAN ALISSA NZ was scratched on veterinary grounds.


Stewards questioned SA Loone the Trainer of VICTORY MEDAL NZ and stable hand A Ward in regard to an unverified third-party report alleging the horse had been treated en-route to the course.  The Trainer acknowledged he had visited a stable in the Globe Derby area at about 9.00pm when transporting VICTORY MEDAL NZ but denied the horse had been unattended or received treatment.  Stewards ordered a pre-race blood sample be taken from VICTORY MEDAL NZ and prior to the running of Race 8 visited a Globe Derby stable.  No evidence was discovered of a horse being treated or items/instruments of interest apparent.  A search of the Trainers car and float was also undertaken. Considering all factors VICTORY MEDAL NZ was permitted to start.  The matter is adjourned pending the analytical results.

Tuesday May 3


R1 – MA Smith – Rule 168(1)(a) – Careless

R6 – T Martlew – Rule 162(1)(ww) – Shifting Ground



R7 – G Rogers – Rule 273(6)(a) – incorrect saddlecloth

G Loch

Acting Chair of Stewards