HRSA STEWARDS - SA Stewards Room 22nd April 2022



Please see below recent penalties from the last weeks racing in SA.

For full reports on decisions/outcomes please see Stewards Reports on the website.

Saturday April 16


R1 – M Borg (CAPTAIN THUNDERBOLT NZ) – Rule 163(1)(a)(iii) – Suspended 14 days commencing 24/4/22


General: Mon 28th March – R6 trainer F Pullicino – VALDEMAR – Subject to HRSA Elevated TCO2 Policy – Horse to be presented 4 hours prior to scheduled start time for the next four race starts.


Sunday April 17


R7 – J Kittel  – Rule 156(2)(a) – fined $100


Additional Report

G Connor –

Charge 1 – Failing to comply with a direction of the HRSA Board’s Covid Policy when not having proof of vaccination. The Stewards issue a reprimand.

Charge 2 – Failing to comply with a direction of the Stewards in accessing premises under the jurisdiction of HRSA when not compliant with the HRSA Covid Policy.  The Stewards announced a fine of $400 and ordered that an amount of $200 be suspended for a period of two years on the condition that no further instances of the Trainer not complying with a direction of the Stewards (Rule 238) occur in that period.


G Loch

Acting Chair of Stewards