HRSA STEWARDS - Inquiry Tramadol trainer T Warren

Stewards have concluded an Inquiry into the circumstances that analysis of a post-race blood sample taken from the registered horse MASTER CARIBBEAN detected the presence of the substance, Tramadol.
On Friday 22 April 2022 after taking evidence from Trainer Ms T Warren, Trainer Mr C Fuller, HRSA Veterinarian Dr R Haensel and RASL Laboratory Director Dr D Batty the Inquiry was adjourned to permit Stewards to seek further expert evidence regarding the elimination of Tramadol by humans.
On Friday 13 May 2022 the Inquiry resumed to consider a Report by Dr E Clisby in regard to the elimination of Tramadol from the human body and Reports from the FEI on cases involving Tramadol previously referenced by the Trainer.
After considering the evidence Stewards issued a charge against Trainer Ms T Warren under Rules HR. 190(1), HR. 190(2), and HR. 190(4).
CHARGE – On Monday 31 January 2022 at Globe Derby Park in Race 8 you Tayla Warren did present the horse MASTER CARIBBEAN when not free of a prohibited substance, being in contravention of Rule 190(1).
The particulars being:
1. At all relevant times, you were the holder of a current B Trainers licence issued by HRSA and a person bound by the Australian Harness Racing Rules
2. At the relevant time you were the trainer of the registered horse MASTER CARIBBEAN and the person responsible for the presentation of the horse;
3. On Monday 31 January 2022, the horse MASTER CARIBBEAN was presented to race at the Globe Derby Park harness racing meeting in Race 8 the ‘TAB LIVE SKY RACING VISION PACE;
4. Following Race 8, a blood sample was taken from MASTER CARIBBEAN which subsequent analysis by an approved laboratory detected the substance Tramadol;
5. Tramadol is a substance prohibited under the Rules, HR 188A(1)(a) due to its action on the nervous system and under HR 188A(1)(b) as an analgesic.
Ms Warren pleaded guilty to the charge.
In relation to penalty the Trainer submitted that the source of the contamination occurred through
another Trainer who had assisted in gearing MASTER CARIBBEAN and used Tramadol legitimately
prescribed for back pain. Having regard to all the circumstances of the alleged contamination, the
Stewards could not on the balance of probabilities be satisfied that the transmission of Tramadol
through contact with the persons hands immediately prior to racing was reasonable explanation.
Stewards acknowledged that while such a scenario may be possible, that of itself does not make it
probable or the most likely explanation as compared to any other scenario.
Having considered the Trainer’s submission on penalty and subjective matters, Stewards determined
Ms Warren be disqualified for a period of six (6) months to commence immediately. In arriving at
the penalty Stewards acknowledged the Trainers previous good offence record and her general
Acting under Rule HR. 195 Stewards, satisfied on the evidence that a prohibited substance had been
detected in a sample taken from MASTER CARIBBEAN after winning Race 8 (TAB LIVE SKY RACING
VISION PACE) at GLOBE DERBY PARK on Monday 31 January 2022 determined to disqualify the
horse. The amended placings are:
Second – 3 – GOLDEN JAYLET
Fourth – 1 – SUTTER MAN
Acting under Rule HR 200(1) Stewards also ordered that the prizemoney distributed to the
connections of MASTER CARIBBEAN be repaid to HRSA.