STEWARD’S INQUIRY:O Trotta - Misconduct Charge

Wednesday 27th March 2024

STEWARDS INQUIRY – Trainer Mr O Trotta


Panel: T Styles, S Ewen, D Southgate

 Called to Enquiry: Mr O Trotta

Having given considerable thought to penalties considered the previous poor record of misconduct offences by Mr. Trotta, further his pleas of not guilty to both charges and that any penalty should have a deterrent factor to all Licenced Persons this conduct will not be condoned by HRSA Stewards.

Stewards today imposed the following penalties on Mr. Trotta.

Charge 1. R231(2) Misconduct towards Miss Bernadette Page. 12 Months Disqualification.

Charge 2. R231(2) Misconduct towards Mr. James Short. 6 Months Disqualification.

The Penalties be Cumulative however after considering the Principles of Totality Stewards directed 4 Months of the Penalties be Concurrent therefore Mr. Trotta is Disqualified for a period of 14 Months.

In their decisions on Penalties Stewards considered it of a serious nature the offence in respect to Miss Page who had carried out her obligations in driving Whata Optimist and under no circumstances should she have been subjected to this type of conduct.

With respect to Mr. Short carrying out his duties as HRSA Official likewise no person should be subjected to this type of conduct in their workplace.

Mr. Trotta was advised of his appeal rights.

 T Styles

Chair of Stewards