STEWARD’S INQUIRY:O Trotta - Misconduct Charge

Thursday 21st March 2024


STEWARDS INQUIRY – Trainer Mr O Trotta


Panel: T Styles, S Ewen, D Southgate


Resumption of inquiry adjourned on 21St February 2024 at Globe Derby Park into conduct of Trainer Mr. Lui Trotta towards Reins person Miss Bernadette Page following Race 6 Italian Cup Night Feb 17 & Globe Derby Pace on 12th February 2024.


Called to inquiry.

Mr. Lui Trotta and Miss Bernadette Page.


Stewards heard evidence from the following persons who appeared as witnesses for Mr. Trotta.

Mr. Joseph Scaffidi, Mr. Barry Burke, Mr. Mark Quinn, and Miss Celestine Rowe all of whom were present in the race day stall area when Miss Page brought her drive Whata Optimist back to the race day stalls following the running of Race 6. and Mr. Trotta trainer of the pacer then spoke with Miss Page.


After considering all evidence before them Stewards issued the following charge against Mr. Trotta under AHRR 231(2) A person shall not misconduct himself in any way.


“ The specifics of the charge are that at Globe Derby Park on Monday 12th February 2024 following the running of Race 6 the Italian Cup Night Feb 17 & Globe Derby Pace Mr. Trotta when speaking to Miss Bernadette Page who had driven your horse Whata Optimist in the race Mr. Trotta you have misconducted yourself by verbally abusing her and consequently Miss Page has felt aggrieved by your conduct. We state this matter took place in the race day stalls in the presence of other persons.”


Mr. Trotta entered a plea of Not Guilty to the charge.


Stewards after giving due consideration to all evidence before them were comfortably satisfied that the elements of the Charge were found proven in accordance with AHRR 256 (7)(a) (b) (c) (d) and Mr. Trotta Guilty to the Charge.


The opportunity was given for Mr. Trotta to address Stewards on Penalty with respect to the Charge of Misconduct AHHR 231(2) to which he had been found Guilty at Inquiry 21st February 2024 and the Charge of Misconduct AHRR 231(2) at today’s hearing.


Having considered the matters put forward by Mr. Trotta Stewards advised him that because of the serious nature of the Charges and his previous record in relation to misconduct offences they would adjourn any decision on penalties until 1pm on Wednesday 27th March 2024 to allow them reasonable time to address same.

 T Styles

Chair of Stewards