STEWARD’S INQUIRY:Trainer Miss K. Green (Giftedfromtheheart)

Wednesday 24th April 2024.


STEWARDS INQUIRY-Trainer Miss K. Green (Giftedfromtheheart)


Panel; T.T. Styles, S. Ewen, D. Southgate.


Called to inquiry trainer Miss Kerry Green and Mr. Phillip Westbury owner of Giftedfromtheheart.


An application from Mr. Westbury to represent Miss Green was rejected by the Stewards.


On Wednesday 24th April 2024 Harness Racing South Australia Stewards opened an inquiry into a report from Racing Analytical Services Ltd which had detected the prohibited substance Cobalt in breach of AHRR 188A (2) from urine sample V781624 collected from GIFTEDFROMTHEHEART following its winning performance in Race 5. Get Well Neville & Jenny Thomson Pace which was run at Port Pirie Harness Racing Club 13th February 2024.

After the initial finding from RASL the confirmatory analysis was provided by ChemCentre Western Australia.


At the inquiry evidence was provided by Dr. Adam Cawley of RASL in respect to analysis of the sample and from Dr. Dan Sims HRSA Consulting Veterinary Surgeon.


Following a complaint lodged by Mr. Westbury in respect to the collection of sample V781624 evidence was taken from Mr. Patrick Fricker HRSA Steward who collected this sample.  


Submissions were received from Miss Green on her feed and treatment practices which were examined by Dr. Sims and in his opinion, it was not a plausible explanation for the Cobalt levels in the sample. Further the tests carried out by Dairy One Forage Laboratory Queensland on the Hygain Release feed samples provided to the Stewards at Miss Greens stables on Friday 8th March 2024 did not reveal a level of Cobalt which would be responsible for the levels reported.

Stewards also questioned Miss Green as to the reason Hemoplex which is a prohibited product was found by Stewards when they examined substances and her logbook on Friday 8th March 2024.


Evidence was also submitted by Mr. Westbury in respect to collection of the sample and the reason Hemoplex was on the property.


After considering all matters Stewards issued a charge in accordance with AHRR 190 (1), (2) and (4) with the particulars that Miss Kerry Green as Trainer of Giftedfromtheheart you did present the gelding to race at Port Pirie Harness Racing Club on Tuesday 13th February 2024 in Race 5 Get Well Neville & Jenny Thomson Pace when not free of the prohibited substance Cobalt.


Miss Green pleaded not guilty to the charge.


A charge under AHRR 194 B (1) (2) A person must not have in his or her possession or on his or her premises any injectable product which contains cobalt salts was issued against Miss Green to which she pleaded guilty.


After informing Mr. Westbury of AHRR 195, “ A horse which has been presented for a race shall be disqualified from it if blood, urine, saliva or other matter or sample taken from the horse is found to contain a prohibited substance” he wished to present further evidence on this matter.


Stewards following an application from Miss Green and Mr. Westbury adjourned the inquiry until Wednesday 8th May 2024.