STEWARD’S INQUIRY: N Tardio - prohibited substance - COME ON SLOOPY

Stewards Inquiry-Trainer Nick Tardio (Come On Sloopy)


Panel: T.T. Styles, S. Ewen, D. Southgate.


Stewards assisted by Dr. D. Sims BVSc Consultative Veterinary Surgeon HRSA. Dr. Adam Cawley Scientific Manager Racing Analytical Services Ltd.


Called to inquiry Trainer Nick Tardio. Representing Owner of Come On Sloopy Ms. R. Geurds.


Assisted by Dr. D. Major BVSc Veterinary Surgeon NSW.


On Wednesday 7th February 2024 Harness Racing South Australia Stewards commenced an inquiry into a report from Racing Analytical Services Ltd. which had detected the presence of the prohibited substance Trenbione,17a-Trenbolone and 17B-Trenbolone in the urine sample collected from COME ON SLOOPY following its win in Race 6 the SA PONY TROTS PACE which was run at Globe Derby Park on Monday 6th November 2023.

After the initial finding from RASL the confirmatory analysis was done by Australian Racing Forensic Laboratory which confirmed the presence of the prohibited substance.


The inquiry heard from Dr. Cawley in respect to analysis of the sample on which he was cross examined by Mr. Tardio and Dr. Major regarding the likelihood that an oral administration of Ovu-Mate (Alrenogest) was the source of the prohibited substance finding as Mr. Tardio stated he was using the product which had been prescribed to him by a Registered Veterinarian.


However, although he did not maintain a logbook, Mr. Tardio believed that an oral administration of Ovu-Mate on Friday 3rd November 2023 was the reason for the finding.


Stewards heard evidence from Dr. Sims which confirmed Trenbione, 17a-Trenbolone and 17B-Trenbolone are classified as anabolic androgenic steroids and therefore prohibited substances.

While commercial Altrenogest products are a recognised source of these substances it is highly unlikely that these results would occur with some 72 hours following a therapeutic dose.


It was raised by Mr. Tardio the chain of custody and storing of sample V801182 being a factor in the finding however both Dr. Cawley and Dr. Sims did not believe that this was a plausible factor.


Afters taking all matters into consideration Stewards issued the following charges against Mr. Tardio.


Charge 1. In accordance with AHRR 190 (1),(2) and (4), the particulars were, that as the Trainer of Come On Sloopy you did present the mare to race at Globe Derby Park on Monday 6th November 2023 in Race 6 the SA Pony Trot Pace when not free of a prohibited substance.

Mr. Tardio reserved his plea to seek legal advice.


Charge 2. In accordance with AHRR 190B (1), (2), (3) and (4) A shall at all keep and maintain a logbook.

Mr. Tardio pleaded guilty.


Stewards informed Mr. Tardio provisions of AHRR 195. A horse which has been presented for a race shall be disqualified from it if blood,urine,saliva, or any other matter or sample or specimen taken from the horse is found to contain a prohibited substance.

After hearing submission from Mr. Tardio Stewards reserved there finding until the inquiry reconvenes.


Stewards informed Mr. Tardio provisions of AHRR 190AA (4) When a sample taken at any time from a horse has detected in it an anabolic androgenic steroid the horse is not permitted to start in any race or be used for the purpose of breeding:

  1. for a minimum period of 12 months from the date of the collection of the sample in which an anabolic androgenic steroid was detected.

After hearing submissions from Mr. Tardio Stewards reserved there finding until the inquiry reconvenes.


The inquiry has been set down to resume on Wednesday 21st February 2024.










Trevor Styles

Chairman Of Stewards