Wednesday 2nd August 2023




STEWARDS INQUIRY – Licenced Persons Lui Trotta and Shane Loone



Panel: T Styles, I Devitt, D Southgate

Called to inquiry: trainers Lui Trotta and Shane Loone



Stewards resumed an inquiry which had been opened and adjourned into an incident in the Raceday Stalls Area at Globe Derby Park on Saturday 29th July 2023 following the running of Race 3 the GLOBE BAR & GAMING PACE in which Mr.Trotta was the trainer of WHATA OPTIMIST and Mr. Loone trainer of STAR WRITER, WHITESTARCHRISTIAN and VICTORY MEDAL NZ. in the race.


The inquiry had resumed at Globe Derby Park on Monday 31st July 2023 and after hearing further evidence was adjourned to allow Mr. Loone to call witnesses.


Further evidence was then heard on Wednesday 02nd August 2023 from Mr. Trotta, Mr. Loone and from the witnesses Licenced Persons Mr. Wayne Gowley, Ms Samantha Pascoe, and Mr. Corey Johnson.


The inquiry heard that Mr. Trotta, whilst leading his horse in the area immediately outside the Hose Down Stalls, had then entered the bay being used by Mr. Loone and engaged in a heated discussion with Mr. Loone.

Whilst engaged in this discussion Mr. Trotta claimed that Mr. Loone had deliberately directed the hose at him resulting in his clothing being drenched.


Having considered all evidence tendered Stewards charged Mr. Trotta under AHRR R 231 (2). A person shall not misconduct himself in any way.


The specifics of the charge were.


“That following the running of Race 3 the GLOBE BAR and GAMING PACE at GLOBE DERBY PARK on Saturday 29th July 2023 your action in confronting Shane Loone and engaging in a heated verbal discussion in respect to tactics of the Loone runners in the race was not reasonable and proper conduct from a licenced person. We state this occurred whilst Mr. Loone was hosing a horse in the wash bay because of you positioning yourself whilst leading a horse immediately at the entrance to the wash bay”.



Mr. Trotta pleaded guilty as charged.








Stewards after hearing from Mr. Trotta regarding penalty, considering his plea of guilty and taking into his overall record into offences relating to misconduct made the following directions.


  1. Fine of $1,000 with $500 suspended on the condition he does not answer to a charge relating to misconduct for a period of eighteen months (18)


  1. Acting under AHRR PART 2 STEWARDS POWERS 15(1) The following direction was ordered.


When you have a horse trained by yourself that competes in a race, prior to and following that race, you shall not approach, speak to, or communicate with in any form to a driver, trainer or any other person who participates in the race.

This direction is imposed for a period of Eighteen Months (18). At the expiration of Twelve Months (12) application may be made to Stewards for review.

Should you not comply with this direction the Stewards may make further directions as they see fit.


Mr. Trotta was made aware of his Appeal Rights.


Stewards informed Shane Loone that on the evidence before them they did not believe they would be able to sustain a charge of misconduct in respect to the claim of Mr. Trotta as to his use of the hose. However, in the strongest terms, he was advised to ensure his conduct always is of the required standard.

 T Styles

Chair of Stewards