Driving South Australia Into The Future



Today’s announcement might not be the largest of the four this week, however it is arguably one of the most important.

HRSA is pleased to advise that Drivers Fees will increase by $10 per drive, commencing Saturday July 8.

The new fees matrix will now look as follows:

$3,000 races = $40 fee (up from $30) plus 5% of prizemoney from first to last place

Races above $3,000 = $55 fee (up from $45) plus 5% of prizemoney from first to last place

One of SA’s leading drivers Wayne Hill, who also drives frequently interstate had the following thoughts on this news “The combination of increases to drivers fees and prizemoney allows us as an industry to contribute further and allocate more of our time to the sport we love. This will ultimately lift standards across the board and create a more appealing playing field for all.”

SA’s leading concession driver Samantha Pascoe was enthusiastic in her response to the announcement “It is so exciting to see an increase in drivers fees! Driving horses has the potential to be exhausting on the mind and body, so to receive an increase for our efforts helps create a more sustainable livelihood.”

One of the state’s leading trainer/drivers Ryan Hryhorec also offered his thoughts “This announcement is another great initiative by HRSA, and on behalf of my team I would like to thank all involved for making this commitment to the local industry.”

Stay tuned tomorrow for the final announcement of the week!