Australian Drivers Championship

THEY’VE won more than 16,000 races and just shy of $130million, but at Globe Derby on Saturday night, none of that matters.
What does matter is a stroke of luck and bragging rights as a host of the nation’s leading drivers compete in the Australian Drivers’ Championship.

A dozen of the industry’s stars – two representatives from each state – will contest eight heats, with the title holder to be decided on points.
Performances throughout the series will also be taken into consideration when determining who will represent Australia in next year’s World Driving Championship to be conducted in Italy.

While each competitor is looking to enjoy the experience, make no mistake, pride for state and self is on the line.

Conor Crook (Tasmania)
First win: Martys For Real in Hobart on July 21, 2017
Number of wins: 256
Biggest win: 2021 Evicus Final
Prizemoney: $2million
“I’m living in Victoria at the moment, but I’ll always be a Tasmanian and will be doing my best for the state.”

Kate Gath (Victoria)
Rxplore in Whyalla on January 1, 2000
2006 A Hunter Cup
“I’ll be there competing in the series as a Victorian and will do my best to bring the title back with me. At heart I will always be an Adelaide girl so there is a touch of sentiment there as well.”

Gary Hall (Western Australia)
Enhancer in Pinjarra on July 26, 1998
2011, 2012 & 2013 Inter Dominion
“Always enjoys these kind of series. It will be terrific to compete against these drivers, who are certainly going to be competitive. I’m the defending champion and don’t plan on giving up that title.”

Cameron Hart (New South Wales)
Ideal Investment in Albury on April 2, 2016
2022 The Blacks A Fake
“I haven’t driven at Globe Derby before so I am really looking forward to it. To be representing my state over there against such amazing drivers is a tremendous honour and I hope I can do my colours proud.”

James Herbertson (Victoria)
Tearitup at Terang on March 9, 2016
2021 Vicbred Super Series Final
“It’s like an Inter Dominion field of drivers…the series will bring together some of the best drivers Australia has seen, so there is plenty to be in awe of.”

Wayne Hill (South Australia)
Ima Gigi at Globe Derby on July 20, 1999
2021 Southern Cross Final
2016 Australian Drivers’ Championship winner
“I’m pumped…it will be a blast! It’s going to be great to be a part of and watch with the top drivers competing. I won the series in 2016 and with a bit of luck I can do it again.”

Rohan Hillier (Tasmania)
Buck Rabbit in Launceston on November 7, 1989
2014 Victoria Oaks
“It’s the first time I will be representing Tasmania and is something I have wanted to do. I’m humbled to be given the opportunity and hopefully can do the state proud.”

Ryan Hryhorec (South Australia)
James Colin at Kimba on April 25, 1996
2022 Silver Salver Final
“I’m really looking forward to the series. It will be great to compete against the best from interstate and have a bit of fun in the process.”

Narissa McMullen (Queensland)
Miniature Classic at Albion Park on October 18, 2010
2022 DJA Trot Championship
“I’m really looking forward to being part of the series and competing against so many wonderful drivers.”

Pete McMullen (Queensland)
Melton Royal Bonny at Redcliffe on January 12, 2008
2021 Qbred Finals
2014 Australian Drivers’ Championship winner
“I’ve had a bit of luck in Adelaide and hopefully that will be the case again on the weekend.”

Grace Panella (New South Wales)
Scenic Sky at Club Menangle on June 22, 2020
“I was thrilled to be asked to drive in the series and it is such an honour to represent New South. To be driving against some of the biggest names in the sport will be amazing and I’m just so excited and looking forward to being there.”

Emily Suvaljko (Western Australia)
Undercover Art at Northam on Februaru 17, 2018
2021 WA Mares’ Classic
“It’s going to be a great night and I can’t wai to be part of the action. They are all wonderful drivers in the series and I’ll be doing my best.”